Somebody asked me : what’s your own Target.

February 17, 2011 by
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I did a post on setting your own target as one of the checklist needed for newbie to start Internet Marketing business. Later on, somebody asked me, what is my own goal?

Well, I do have my own personal goal. My goal isto reach US$ 4,000 by the end of august. Then, he asked: “Why it’s only 4,000 while other people claim to make 7,500 more in a day?” Hmmph…I’ll say that the money they earned are not hyped up (YES!! this number is true, you can see it here). But then those guys earning the money have been in business for years. Those are the result of the hardwork they done in the past couple years. While I’m a complete newbie on Internet Marketing. How can I be compared with them?

From one of the product I bought during my first couple days in Internet Marketing, it’s consider normal for a person (expert in this case) to make an income stream of $100 per day. All they need is 21 days more or less. But since I am a newbie, and I consider what they can do in 1 day, I’ll need a week to do the same thing. So, I’ll probably reach US$100 per day in 147 days ( 5 months ). If I started in February, then in July, I should be able to make it. Then I decided to give a little spare time in between for reaching my goal. I marked the calendar on August to complete my target. It’s a long run, but I want to be as realistic as possible. I’ll somehow make it. We’ll see  🙂


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