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June 6, 2011 by
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Hi guys,

Today I’m going to be sharing a little adsense income of mine.

As Per May,31st, 2011, I already earn around US $4.30 in my pocket…WHAT!! only as little as 4 dollar? yes…that’s right, as little as 4 dollar during the first 4 months (I started IM on february, this is my first post here).

The reason for this small chunk adsense income of mine (while others claim to be making thousands of dollar per month) is that I only do organic SEO, inviting others to my site personally without any adwords or advertisement on other site. I’m starting my first move on advertisement on my site, and going to try out couple of SEO tricks on my site.

I’m expecting a huge jump on my site visitors as I’m doing exactly what the other IM-ers told me. So, stay tune guys, as I’m doing all this split tests and trial & error,  I’m writing down a little note for myself. Later on, I’ll be reporting back.

Oh, and for those that are looking for my free report, it’s still available, but it won’t be much longer as we are reaching out the 100 free copies very soon.

Grab it Here.

Have a nice day,



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