Failed in Moving WordPress Installation Files

March 24, 2011 by
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So a couple days back, I was thinking of a site make-over. I learn quite a bit on moving wordpress installation as I’ll be moving my blog to a folder. Currently I’ve all the installation wordpress file on the root of my domain.

After gaining a lot of confidence, I started tweaking my site without a second thought.

Yeah, I went for it as quick as possible, just to find out that it’s a bit harder that it look like. The result is 2 days down for my site. If you happen to pass by to my site, you’d probably notice that my site was down for couple days. I didn’t even realize it was down until I try to open it up myself.

What a headache !! I consider my self lucky for being able to put back all together in one piece.

I failed at my first attempt, but I’ll give it another try. Let’s see what will happen on my 2nd try.


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