NeverBlue Registration Problem – Verify Telephone Number Not Responding

This page is created personally to address my registration issue with NeverBlue.

I have a site which encourages and teaches people how to make extra money from answering surveys. Then when I search the offer at offervault, I came across CPA offer on NeverBlue network.

I tried to register myself as one of the NeverBlue network affiliate. After email verification, I followed a link included on the mail. I’m stuck at the verify telephone number as it’s not responding. I pressed the button once, and waited like 5 minutes, then pressed again, and waited again, nothing happened.

I pressed the button Continue, but the page said something about “Telephone not validated”.

I thought I enter the wrong format of phone number. I even tried with my mobile phone number, but nothing works.

This is a screenshot of what the page look like after I pressed the continue button.

I post it on neverblue twitter account, no answer.

I even change the email address to one that matches my domain name. Still no luck.

Then I googled to see if anyone having the same problem with me. Posted on some forum, and the forum user told me to call directly to NeverBlue. I searched over your site, and found +1 (250) 386-5323  listed as neverblue international phone number.

Gave it a try, was answered by answering machine, follow the menu, told to wait, but then being asked to leave a message. Leaved a message, but I think that it won’t works as well.

So I decided to make a page about it, and ask NeverBlue advice on this matter.

If this works, then I’ll be glad to advertise NB network offer on my site.

If not, then I guess NeverBlue is really not meant for me. I have been on Internet marketing for like a year, playing with CPA on CJ, Peerfly, and some other CPA program. This is simply the longest time it took me to register myself as an publisher on a network (have you seen the date on my twitter post? yeah it was written on 11Nov)

Finger Crossed, let’s try to find another way out.


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