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A couple days more, I can say that I’ve been on the Internet marketing world for a month. I learned a lot during these past few weeks. Where did I find my materials for my self-learning?

Most of the materials for my self-teaching method are from books, e-books, and some products sold by  internet marketing people .

Yes, that’s right, from BOOKS, and E-Books. People probably tell you that you can find all the stuff on the internet. It’s true, but why I use books and ebooks  for my materials?

You need a lot of time to find a good article about the things you want to learn. Most of the time, you find an article only to learn that the article is not really that good. You just have to go and search for it again and again.

Considering the amount of time spent on finding a good article about Internet Marketing, I find it much easier if I just buy the books or e-books on the particular matter.  Sometimes, good books is a bit hard to find, I just have to go with e-books. E-books only cost around US$ 10 – US$ 40, depending on how good the materials provided inside. It really worths the money.

Let’s say I want to learn about SEO, instead of searching google and collecting all the articles myself, I choose a smarter way to do it. I go to amazon to buy the e-books about SEO.

Why don’t I rush to a local book store and buy the best seller books about SEO? If you are long enough in the Internet Marketing World,   you might have already noticed that Internet World is a world where rapid changes are made. In few months only, things may change completely different from before. Publishers need weeks before they release a book. More complex work on selecting, editing, and printing are needed before the book hit the stores.

Amazon is the biggest online book store. Inside, you can find a lot of famous authors sell their book online. The time needed to process a book from scratch until they are ready to be sold online on amazon is much shorter than the time needed for publishers to release a printed book. You can find some amazon books on Internet Marketing here.

Aside from books and ebooks, another thing that I find really useful is the products made by internet marketing people. Most of the products I bought are video tutorial on how to make money online. Be careful on choosing which product to buy, as not all the products out there worth the money.  But rest assure because most of them actually give you money back guarantee. If you find that their product doesn’t worth it, you can just simply ask for refund.

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