Internet Marketing : The Ugly Truth !!

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I’m sure that all of us have at least experienced a hyped up condition by reading the sales page of making money from internet marketing. For those who haven’t seen a sales page before, try this page . I’m sorry, but I don’t intend to sell you anything right now. I’m just saying that the amount of money may be intriguing for most of us. But then, before you open your wallet to take the credit card out, you need to know the truth about those kind of products that they are selling.

First of all, internet marketing is a real way to make money. You can make money even without leaving your chair. That’s true, you don’t even have to leave your house. But then, you shouldn’t just believe on the claim they make, especially if it involves six or seven digit of money in just short period. Those income don’t come over night. It’s really earned from all the hard work put into it, continuously.

Some of the products even claim that you can make money without having any skills or money. Come on, think about it for a second! If that’s the truth, then won’t all of us be rich already? If you don’t have the money, you need to have the skill. If you don’t have the skill, you need to have the money to at least outsource the work. At least to begin internet marketing, you need a domain and a web hosting. Make any sense now? It’s impossible for you to earn money from internet marketing without both money and skills.

And if they really do earn that kind of money, what’s the use of telling how they earn money to other people? Isn’t it better to keep the little secret for their own, rather than having the secret to be known by a lot of people, and having all the people earning the same money using the same way with them? The only logical explanation is that they are earning a lot more money by telling people how to do it, rather than having themselves doing the stuff on their own.

I’m telling you there are really no guide that worth buying with a $50 or more tag-price ┬áthat can generate thousands of dollar without hard works, determination, and creativity. If any of you ever found one, please speak up.

At last, if you really decided to try your luck on internet marketing, and you are new to this world, you have to work hard, do it continuously, and never hope that you’ll make a sell in a short period of time. Act now, learn, and correct the mistakes that you are making along the way. Never wait to act until you’ve finished all the learning cause you’ll eventually forget what you’ve learned so far.


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  1. DN on Mon, 7th Mar 2011 10:42 am
  2. Excellent and very informative!

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