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This question has been asked at least thousand time. For those who use the internet to do business, hosting is one of the most important thing that matter the most.

What should we consider when choosing our hosting? Here is some criteria we need to consider.

  • Space – Hosting Bandwidth and Storage Limit

When you are looking for hosting, the first thing that we need to consider is the hosting bandwidth and storage limit. Some hosting companies are cheap, but they offer slow bandwidth and limited storage. As your site gains more and more visitors, we’ll have to move our site to a better storage if we go with the company that offer a slow bandwidth and limited storage.

The best option is to go with the hosting that offers unlimited bandwidth and storage.

  • Reliability

Reliability is an important factor. Don’t go with one that goes down a lot. Check out what other customer said about the hosting before choosing your hosting. Choose one that has almost zero complaint and with the smallest down time.

  • Number of domain we are allowed to add into our account.

Some hosting allow us to add limited amount of domains, while others allow us to add unlimited number of domains. If you are an Internet Marketer, then you’ll most likely want to find one with unlimited number of domains. Since we are doing business online, we will need to make more than one site in most cases.

  • User Interface

A good user interface allows us to use the service offered to a further extend. This is important if we are a beginner and just started out. We don’t have to know too much techie stuff. Look for one that provide cPanel as their interface.

  • Customer Support

The support that the hosting company provide can really be useful when we are facing problem with our site. A good support can help us solve the problem in matter of hours, while a bad support can only help us solve the problem after several days.

This blog is set up with hosting that match all the criteria above.

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