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June 1, 2011 by
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As an Internet Marketer, I’ve seen a lot of product launches and WSO launches in the past. Authors have been trying real hard to make product that delivers and really have the quality. But in the end, not all of them are successful.

I’ve just upgraded my WarriorPlus to WarriorPlus Silver Membership (Those who are curious about what is a WarriorPlus Silver Membership, can visit here for more info. When you have upgraded your account, you have the chance to promote other warriors WSO, and get commission out of every purchase people make using your link.

Being a WarriorPlus Silver Member, I can see a list of products that are sold using the Warrior Pro, including number of book sold (in term of 100+ / 50+ / 10+), refund percentage, and many more.

What amazed me is that there really is some WSO that was selling really bad even though the author is known to deliver high quality products. I have this mindset before that by doing WSO, we’ll all be successful if we can deliver quality people are asking for.

Oh well, I guess I’m wrong big time. There are lots of other factors that can affect our product-selling. I’m glad that I pay for my WarriorPlus Silver Membership (for a small amount of $3.99). Hey, Guess WHAT!? I’m 1 step ahead than before.

ps: my Warrior forum referral link can be found here, http://yourls.williamprawira.com/wf


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