Hostgator Black Friday – Promotional Offer 50% off

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Just like the past few years, Hostgator is having a black friday during thanksgiving day. However, this year hostgator do something different from last year. They only have the 50% Promotional Offer for this year, and they don’t do the 80% offer like the last year.

I tried to look for more info on this promotional offer. When I browsed to their main page, I found out something really odd about the offer. So the offer started at 1:00PM (GMT+7 my local time), but at 6:00 PM (GMT+7), it says that the offer is only lasting for another 5 hours or so.

Don’t let this thing bothers you as the CS “Zachrey E” told me that the offer is going to last for full 24 hours. Which means, the web developer probably mixed up something on the banner display, taking in the time zone difference into consideration, and it makes the promotional offer is going to end sooner on some people, and longer for other people with different time zone.

Since it is started on Friday 1:00 PM on my local time, I guess, it should last until Saturday 1:00PM as well.

For those who are interested in taking this offer, please hurry and go here.

Good luck.

WordPress Security Hole – Unguarded Folder

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It’s undeniable that most people on the IM world are using WordPress on their site. Speaking of wordpress security, even though the wordpress developer team has managed to fix a lot of bugs, there is still a security bug that can leak out our precious file that we upload on to our wordpress site. Read more

Must have Internet Marketing tools – Market Samurai

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Pic of Market Samurai

Market Samurai

Market Samurai is one of the tools I use in order to track the competition and rank my site on google.

It’s well known among Internet Marketers because of its feature and functionality.  It needs Adobe Air in order to be able to be installed and run on the computer. Read more

How to choose hosting

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This question has been asked at least thousand time. For those who use the internet to do business, hosting is one of the most important thing that matter the most.

What should we consider when choosing our hosting? Here is some criteria we need to consider.

Read more

My little Adsense Earning

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Hi guys,

Today I’m going to be sharing a little adsense income of mine.

As Per May,31st, 2011, I already earn around US $4.30 in my pocket…WHAT!! only as little as 4 dollar? yes…that’s right, as little as 4 dollar during the first 4 months (I started IM on february, this is my first post here).

The reason for this small chunk adsense income of mine (while others claim to be making thousands of dollar per month) is Read more

How I Make My First US$50.00

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Hi there,

It’s William here. How is your weekend?

I’ve just compiled my first report.

Since I’m still busy doing a lot of other things, I’m going to offer this report for FREE. Read more

A little tool called WarriorPlus Silver Membership

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As an Internet Marketer, I’ve seen a lot of product launches and WSO launches in the past. Authors have been trying real hard to make product that delivers and really have the quality. But in the end, not all of them are successful.

I’ve just upgraded my WarriorPlus to WarriorPlus Silver Membership Read more

WordPress Vulnerability – Admin User Name

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Have you been installing a lot of wordpress lately?

If you have, you’d realize that every time you start a new wordpress installation, the admin user name is somehow pre-inserted to the user name column.

OK, so what’s the big news? Read more

Failed in Moving WordPress Installation Files

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So a couple days back, I was thinking of a site make-over. I learn quite a bit on moving wordpress installation as I’ll be moving my blog to a folder. Currently I’ve all the installation wordpress file on the root of my domain.

After gaining a lot of confidence, I started tweaking my site without a second thought. Read more

Moving my blog

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Hi there,

I’ve been busy on social life these days. In the near future, I will be moving my blog site from  to The reason for this change is that I’m thinking to redo my site from the start, and going to make a brand new blog in Indonesia Language (Yes, I’m from Indonesia after all, so I figure, I might as well make a blog in native language).

You’ll be able to find all my future post at the link given above.

Hope you enjoy your visit.



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