Tools – Must have for Internet Marketers

Today I will be discussing on some tools that you will need along your Journey in Internet Marketing. This is based on my Personal Experience. If you find that you have different perspective, feel free to drop me a message at contact and let me know your point of view

Domain Name

This is not really a tool, but this is surely something you need.


This one is also not a tool, but it will determine your success in the IM world. Click here if you need to learn more on how to choose hosting. I use only :

This is one of the best hosting I encountered so far, with a fast response Customer Service, and a good Uptime Guarantee. I will opt in for this one, especially they offer big discounts during Black Friday / Cyber Monday / some other Occassion.

This is another option for Hosting. The Servers are not as fast as hostgator, but they provide good service for Hosting, and also 1×24 hour response time to be expected.


Autoresponder is crucial if you decide to go with email-marketing. Every email marketer will surely have at least one autoresponder. You can opt-in for Mailchimp or Aweber.

Mailchimp used to be a bit strict on their policy, but since the last few years, I’ve seen and read great feedback on their service. The one thing that they are good at, is they are offering new business free service, which means you if you are just starting out, you can learn how to use their services and earn some money, and grow from there.

As for Aweber, they are basically a great and well known autoresponder, which offers $1 for first month, and full charges for next month, and on.

To-Do List

This is one of my most useful tool. It is not related to internet marketing in specific way, but it organize all my outstanding activity, and keep track of the tasks for me. I use Toodledo and they offer a free service for Basic Package. I started with Basic Package and now I’m at Silver Package, as I thought it is very useful for me.

SEO Tools

When it comes to SEO, all I can say is that it’s not an exact science. All you can do is to do a lot of split testing, and see which one works, take note, then re-do the whole cycle.

Several Tools that I’m using :

Semrush – One of the most complete SEO tools out there. Offering free one month SemRush Pro subscription or a 14 days Guru Subsciption. After the subscription expire, you can also continue with a free account but with limitation of # search and # backlinks

Moz – this is also a tool that you will need. They offer a 30 days trial, with a full access to all the feature. I like how they can send updates to your mail, once a week, and also after 30 days trial, you should be able to make some money out of it.

Will be updating how to use those tools, so stay tune guys…

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!!

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